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This agreement gives permission to the undersigned to use facilities owned by Shiloh United Methodist Church (SUMC) with the understanding that losses or liabilities incurred by the User are not covered by SUMC.

Shiloh UMC and the User agree to the following:
1. Shiloh UMC will make available to the User the facilities as contracted herein with Shiloh UMC.

2. User agrees to indemnify and hold SUMC harmless from any and all liability, including attorney's fees arising out of User's use of the above premises or the building of which those facilities are a part, and the parking facilities on or adjacent thereto.

3. The User understands that the responsibility to obtain liability and property insurance is upon the User. It is not the duty or responsibility of SUMC to insure the User's use of the facilities. It is recommended that the User obtain its own liability and property coverage for its use of the faclities.

4. The User agrees to abide by and obey all laws, ordinances, and regulations promulgated by any government entity having jurisdiction in the locale of SUMC, and will not engage in in any activities in violation of such laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. In addition, the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises (facilities, grounds, parking lots) is expressly prohibited.

5. The User agrees to abide by the Facility Use Policy.

6. The User agrees to pay all fees as established in the Facility Use Policy.

7. The User agrees to pay in person, at Shiloh United Methodist Church, a refundable deposit in the amount described in the Facility Use Policy no later than 4 weeks prior to the scheduled event. NOTE: checks only; no cash or credit cards.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned applicant agrees that by typing his/her name in the field below as an electronic signature, he/she agrees to abide by and be bound by all the provisions in this agreement.
PLEASE NOTE: Please be prepared to make payment arrangements for your event at the time you present in the church Business Office to make the deposit, Once all fees have been received, a representative from Shiloh UMC will contact you to make the necessary arrangements for use of the facility.

This agreement is not binding until all fees have been received by Shiloh United Methodist Church.


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